Job Seeker Interview Tips: Before, During and After

Job Seeker Interview Tips: Before, During and After


When you apply for a job and have been accepted for an interview the following are some tips to keep in mind throughout the interview process that will help you to stand out and be successful.

Before the Interview

  • Plan to drive a few minutes early, as late arrival to a job interview is never excusable
  • Understand the position, what is required, and how your skills/qualifications align with this
  • Present yourself appropriately for the position; it’s always better to be overdressed then under-dressed
  • Research the company as your effort will show in the interview
  • Make sure your entirely prepared before hand
  • Prepare for the obvious/key questions for the specific industry, practice interviews can be taken online, e.g. YouTube
  • Practice STAR interviewing technique (situation, task, action, result)
  • Clearly state your interest in the position and know what your main objectives/goals are, short and long term

During the Interview

  • Wait until you are offered a chair before seating, sit upright and look interested
  • Follow the interviews questions although get them to describe the position early in the interview, so that you can relate your background skills and qualifications to the position
  • Always conduct yourself as if you are determined to get the position, even if you are not
  • Know your 6 key strengths and try to provide 1-2minute responses
  • Speak clearly and make sure the interviewer understands how your skills/qualifications are aligned with the positions requirements
  • Remember your body language and avoid bad habits (biting nails)
  • Ask insightful questions, studies show that interviewers judge applicants’ interest on whether or not the applicant asks questions

After the Interview

  • Take the time to say thank you for the interview and the opportunity
  • If you don’t get positions ensure you stay polite, as you never know about other prospective opportunities
  • Don’t be disheartened if you don’t get the position. The more effort put in; the more success will be achieved