Executive Recruitment

Aspirational candidates for top-rank positions

Do you require human resource expertise you need to hire elite candidates? Are you keen to employ quality personnel but don’t know where to start? 

Career Development and Management Guru (CDMGURU) is a market leader in all aspects of executive recruitment – sourcing, screening, placing and nurturing superior employees. 

Our extensive, wraparound recruitment solutions help you avoid the high-risk scenario of employing under-performing staff.  

At executive level, even the smallest stumble can impact the smooth running of your organisation. 

That’s why we place a premium on quality executive search, finding best-fit candidates in full alignment with your company’s operations, goals and culture. 

Our aim? To build successful and enduring client relationships, helping you face the future with confidence. 


Benefits of executive search expertise

  • Reduce the risk of bad hires and disrupted business 
  • Fill your knowledge gaps with quality candidates 
  • Access the best candidate match 
  • Cut hiring time and costly internal procedures  
  • Attract highly skilled ‘sleeper’ or passive candidates 
  • Gain a genuine market edge over competitors 
  • Build superior executive teams and C-suite 
  • Realise your company’s true executive vision 

Best strategy, best fit.

We can help you craft and implement a strategic executive recruitment plan to optimise your hiring process. 

As executive recruiters with more than four decades in the industry, we know how to help you find the perfect team to lead your organisation. 

Your executive team and C-suite do far more than keep business operating. They provide the inspiration and motivation your workforce needs to help them achieve their best. 

This strategic recruitment process can transform your business into a powerhouse of innovation and performance, where every employee is encouraged to excel. 

Following a thorough needs analysis, we can build a strategy to help you source and screen premium executive candidates.  

Then we can apply a suite of post-placement services designed to optimise your executive workforce, including onboarding, upskilling, career management and employee wellbeing assistance.  

Ask us how we can  – today. 

Executive Search

Executive headhunter with proven results.

We work in partnership with you to bring you proven, high performance executive search solutions. 

As executive search specialists, our team has placed countless exceptional candidates to help build powerful executive teams. 

Together, we comb Australia and overseas for outstanding human capital with the right credentials to meet your executive hiring needs. 

Our brief? To find elite candidates who understand your business and care about adding genuine value. 

After careful analysis of your hiring needs, we hunt down superior talent in alignment with your business goals, aspirations and practice – so every candidate can hit the ground running, on exactly the right track. 

This means you can get on with running a successful business, knowing your executive staff are fully on board in terms of performance, engagement and mindset. 

Photo of young business woman in a conference room

Why choose us?

  • We can search and secure premium candidates who have not yet accessed the job market
  • Our expert negotiating team has extensive network connections, which we access via a proven database
  • Specialist service industries include accounting, hospitality and tourism
  • Collaborative approach results in better placements and service, increasing the quality and speed of recruitment 
  • We tap into industry-leading expertise through CDMGURU’s executive search functions 

Our best practice search methodology ensures every client can access the best possible talent – permanent and contract, long and short-term assignments. 

Our exceptionally responsive recruitment services play to client strengths, while reducing the risk of sourcing inappropriate candidates. 

By headhunting top talent, we are actively helping to improve the agility of workforces in every Australian state and territory. 

We are sensitive to the career aspirations of executives, and never cut you lose once the placement is made. 

By nurturing and developing your star candidates, we help them reach peak productivity far more quickly. 

To arrange executive recruitment services or for more information contact us.