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“Meeting with Annette not only gave me motivation to seek out what I really wanted in a career, but she also gave me clarity and the tools to use to focus on what is important to me both professional and personally. Now I have a resume I am proud to submit to potential employers to showcase my capabilities and experiences. You are an inspiration Annette and I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions.”


paul“I have been meeting with Annette for more than 3 years and she has helped me to identify what I want and has given me the tools and motivation to go on and accomplish my life and business goals. I highly recommend Annette as she has a wealth of experience with career and life advice that has helped me to become a more effective person and live an inspirational life”

Paul Luxford – Gold Coast Business Websites

ladyBefore I did a course & attended some private coaching sessions with Annette Hurley I was feeling disillusioned and I did not have any direction. I was feeling depressed and was getting caught up in the everyday stuff. I was not clear about what I could do or accomplish.

Below are some of the many things I have gained since I started my career sessions with Annette.

  • I am excited about life
  • I am much happier
  • I can see a great future
  • I like myself better
  • I am more loving of myself
  • I want to learn more
  • I am shifting in my social circles
  • I now set boundaries for myself
  • I am more aware of others control

My career is now on the right track. I know exactly what I want to do and I am excited about each day and my future. I have started my own business which is in alignment with my talents and passion which is something I thought I could never do. Above all I am having fun making my dreams a reality.

Thanks so much for your guidance. I could not have done it without you. I would not have known how or where to start.

Julie Reig

JoanWhat a great Saturday morning, coffee in one hand surrounded by new friends in another. I love the pace of the workshop and the topic. I got even more clarity on a niche market with some insights to ALL of my lifes experiences and skill sets. Thank you so much for your ability to pull together everything that buzzes around in our heads and assemble them on paper for us to see our accomplishments natural and learned for our goals/visions for where we want and need to go to achieve everything we want for ourselves in our short live. Love your work.

Joan Henkel – Head For Success

My session with Annette was very powerful. She helped me reach deep down inside to find my hidden passions. I had buried my desires so much that I was not aware I had them. When I went home and followed Annette’s instructions on writing out all the things I love, I was amazed at what came up. I then realized that I could follow my passions instead of trying to fit into a career that wasn’t really me. Thank you so much.


Getting clear about my career was a great introductory career workshop. It gave me the tools I need to become more self-aware not only with my strengths and weaknesses as well as what I am looking for in an employer. It was also a great networking opportunity. Annette’s respectful leadership style allows for a welcoming environment where all participants were encouraged to actively participate. I can’t wait to see what other workshops involve.

Alana Chittock

I was watching Sixty Minutes last night and there was a strange story about people going to retreats in the jungles of Peru- taking a herbal brew, hallucinating and finding themselves. I couldn’t help but think ‘I don’t need herbal brews, I’ve got Annette!’

Thanks ever so much, as always, I think you’re changing my life!

Bron Kelly


Thank you for your amazing help.

I say amazing, because you were able to ‘cut- through’ to the central problem areas of my worry with great ease, obvious skill and specialised knowledge.

You asked exactly the right questions around the various issues that many of us face, from time to time, with career decisions and life choices generally.

You have a great warmth and a gentle way of showing empathy and respect.

You got me thinking straight, and with more clarity than I have been able to muster for some time.

I am now much more focused.

Chris Ponting – Entrepreneur

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