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Permanent Recruitment

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Find permanent candidates who last the distance

The stakes are high when filling your permanent positions.  

You are choosing a candidate for the long haul, one who must add real, ongoing value to your organisation far into the future. Yet many of the best candidates remain hidden. How do you sift through the mountains of resumes, finding the gem in a groaning pile of applications? 

Career Development and Management Guru (CDMGURU) is a one-stop recruitment firm, providing a consistent source of premium permanent hires. Our personalised service sources candidates who can hit the ground running – and stay the course. 

Our targeted approach to permanent recruitment delivers fast, accurate and measurable outcomes, beautifully matching top talent with your job requirements. 

Result? You can look forward to a robust and productive employment partnership, designed to stand the test of time.  

Our permanent recruitment expertise

  • Comprehensive end-to-end recruitment services, across industries and professions.
  • Accounting, hospitality and tourism, medical and healthcare and legal specialties. 
  • Outstanding executive search, executive recruitment and executive assessment service. 
  • Full coaching, mentoring, training, upskilling, onboarding and post-placement options. 
  • Employee assistance programs tailored to suit the specific needs of your organisation.  
  • SME and startup recruitment solutions. 

Complete post-placement workforce support

When taking on permanent hires, you want to give them the best possible chance of thriving in your organisation.  

In partnership with The Career College, we offer comprehensive employee support services designed to optimise the full potential of your hires. 

We care about our clients and candidates. That’s why we listen carefully to concerns and needs, drilling down into any issues that arise.  

In this way, we can remove the barriers to success, setting up both employer and employee to succeed – and laying the foundation for ongoing growth.  

By building strong, productive work relationships, our team can also help you build harmonious and inclusive work environments, where everyone can prosper and grow. 

Ask us how to find quality permanent candidates – who will stick. 


Allow us to take care of your recruitment needs while you take care of your business!

CDMGURU’s knowledgeable recruiters have expertise and experience in effectively recruiting across various industries and professions including:

permanent recruitment

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Developing lifelong partnerships in success

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