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The Psychometrics Assessment Centre at CDMGURU provides individuals, workers and organisations with guidance and mentoring and assessment options for students through to executive level employees to achieve a forward career move.

Psychometric testing supports organisations in recruitment and selection by:

  • Ensuring that the right person is hired by comparing candidate’s psychometric test report with the results from other section methods.
  • Evaluating candidates in an objective and fair manner.
  • Uncovering twice as many high calibre candidates than unstructured interviews.

Psychometric testing supports individuals in career development by:

  • Finding your dream career pathway by finding out what you are passionate about how to pursue it!
  • Unleashing your career potential by gaining a deeper understanding of your career preference and to help create a life where you will be happy and productive.
  • Assessing vocational interests and skills reflecting your abilities and confidence to perform in a specific occupational area.


Why choose CDMGURU?

  • Expert advice and support with a cultivation of an on-going professional relationship.
  • Personalised and customised feedback ensuring all decisions are informed.
  • Save time through utilising CDMGURU’s streamlined systems that manage all the administrative steps.


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