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Our Vision

To partner with all our clients in creating harmonious and prosperous work environments by providing the perfect person, for the perfect job, with the perfect skills and training.

Our Mission  

Our mission is to exceed our client’s expectations. We are committed to providing superior recruitment, career development and management and training and development services by:

- Acting as the conduit for creating the ideal match between employers and employees
- Providing excellence in career development and management consultations and training
- Delivering quality training and development programs tailored to suit both the individual and organisation's needs

Our Values

Balance, Peace, Creativity, Safety, Freedom, Gratitude, Excellence, Relationships, Respect, Integrity, Honesty Trust, Reliability.

We value a balanced and peaceful life. We encourage creativity and safety where everyone has the freedom to express their unique differences. We endeavour to create a nurturing environment where everyone can break free of their limits.  We practice gratitude for everything we have and for all our relationships. In all of our dealings we are committed to excellence, being respectful, in integrity, honest, trustworthy and reliable.
mission educate

We Support Mission Educate

We believe in education for everyone and that is why proudly support of Mission Educate.

helping students

CDMGURU is Committed to Training our Youth

Proudly hiring Griffith University interns and students from Griffith Business School and Department of Humanities since 2015 &

Coomera Anglican College and Pacific Pines High School school based trainees via Prestige Training Services since 2017